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LCD Shutters

A Liquid Crystal Shutter is simply an LCD that has a single large pixel that covers the entire display area. The shutter is simply "open" (in its clear state), or "closed",(in its opaque state). The display can be toggled between its open and closed state by appplying a simple square wave drive voltage.

We supply LC shutters for many different 3D entertainment and scientific applications. They have a surprising number of applications in many different industries. We have made shutters as small as 3mm x 3mm and as large as 355 mm x 406 mm, and usually build them custom to a drawing provided by our customers. 

For faster switching speeds you may need a special type of shutter called a "pi" cell. A normal TN shutter will only toggle at a rate of about 90 - 100 Hz. If you need higher toggle rates, up to about 1000 Hz, a pi cell is the best solution. Go here.. to read about pi cells.

Driving an LC shutter is easy, go here.. for an example circuit.

We have developed a novel LCD device that does not have polarizers. Unlike a normal shutter that has polarizers, it has >95% transmission in its clear state. It also has an extremely high contrast ratio, 10,000:1 is possible. Go here.. for more information.

See our tech support page "LCD Shutter Considerations" for a discussion of some of the issues that come up using liquid crystal shutters. This page addrresses a few commonly asked questions, and specificlly talkes about using an LCD shutter to replace a mechanical shutter in a camera.

You can receive a free sample of an LCD shutter here..

As usual, you can call us at (440)232-8590 to talk to one of our applications specialists about using an LCD shutter in your application.